Daily Schedule

Now is a great time to practice letter identification and sound recognition. Your child should also begin recognizing numbers 1-10, counting to 20 and one-to-one correspondence from 1 to 5.

They can also practice self-help skills such as helping to set the table for meal time, dressing themselves and helping to clean up.

Math Activities

Preschool 1, 2, 3, 4

    1. Children ages 2: Play daily counting games. (see the activity list provided. Practice counting throughout the day ex "How many toys do you have? Lets count them.."

   2. Children ages 3-4 

  • Practice identifying and writing letters 1-10. 

  • Use household items to practice one to one correspondence from 1-5. For example. Place 5 Cheerios in front of your child and prompt them to count them. When they are finished counting as them how many.

  • Shape Hunt- Give children a shape to hunt for. Have them go around the house and look for items with that shape. To make this activity a bit more challenging, have children draw the items found.

4. Click here for additional activities and resources.

Literacy Activities

Preschool 1, 2, 3, 4

  1. Go on a letter hunt. Write the letters a-z on index cards or strips of paper. Post or hide the letters around your house. Have your child hunt for the letters. Younger children can just name the letters as they find them. Children in Preschool 2, 3, and 4 can tell you the name of the letter, the sound and identify something that begins with that letter sound. 

   2. Children age 2 can work on writing activities such as scribbling and drawing. Children ages 3-4 can practice their letter formation by practicing one letter a day.  

  3. Play games such as "I Spy". I spy something that begins with the "L"  sound.

4. See below for additional resources. Also, Dollar Tree has great workbooks. Feel free to visit their school section.

Preschool Activities

Please choose one completed activity to bring back to school. It can also be pictures of your child completing an activity.