Registration Documents-Please submit before the end of June.

Now Enrolling for FREE UPK FOR CHILDREN BORN IN 2017

Bryan's Educational Center has partnered with Department of Education to bring a high-quality Pre-K for All program to the community.

Bryan's provides children with the perfect blend of learning and play. We recognize the importance of play as it allows children to explore, negotiate, develop relationships and ultimately learn.

We promote constructive learning through inquiry and exploration. Throughout the day, we provide literacy-rich experiences to promote children's literacy learning. Children receive a balanced literacy program, which includes oral language development activities, Interactive Read Alouds, Shared Reading, Interactive Writing, Shared Writing and lots of singing! We equally support our children’s numeracy learning through the use of math in everyday situations throughout the day. They learn about shapes through the use of math manipulatives, tally their favorite ice cream flavor, and create graphs to identify the class' favorite.

Teachers create a culturally inclusive program where everyone is celebrated and welcomed.

All Pre-K for All children are enrolled in a FREE Tap Dance program with the dance shoes included. 

Pre-K for All