Read a book everyday!


Choose a science experiment from here: 

Science Experiment Ideas or get ideas from another site. Try to choose experiments that uses items that you already have at home.

Take pictures and be ready to share your experience with your friends.


1. Practice counting. How high can you go? Practice counting higher.

2. Write numbers 1-10. Draw pictures to match each number.

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Pre-k for All Activities

During this time of the year, children are growing in independence. Children are identifying more letters and letter sounds and are able to count to 30. 

Daily Schedule

Literacy Project

                                                    Create an Alphabet Book


  • 14 sheets of white unlined paper 
  • Stapler
  • Crayons and/or magazine printouts if possible
  • Scissors and glue stick​


​Fold 14 sheets of paper in half.

Staple the edges of the folded paper

Allow your child to decorate the cover. The title of the book should be, _________'s Alphabet Book.

Have your child write each letter of the alphabet in order onto each page of the book. For example, the first page of the book will be letter A, the second-page letter B, and so on through the letter Z. If desired, number each page of the book as well to reinforce that there are twenty-six letters in the alphabet.

Each day have your child draw at least five items that begin with the letter of the day or have them find items in magazines that begin with the letter.

Please turn this activity in when school resumes.